In an industry that looks for every way to nickel and dime you, our services are clearly spelled out, and our pricing structure is transparent and fair.

Wedding Coordination and Logistical Planning Package: $1400
– 2 planning meetings so detailed they’ll blow you away!
– Venue visit and floor plan creation
– Logistics advice and planning
– Detailed daylong timeline
– Advance and day-of vendor coordination
– Ceremony rehearsal
– All day, full-service wedding coordination (yes, we did just say “all day!”)
– Set-up and pack-up support
– So much more prepping, planning, and hustling!

The Details

2 Planning Meetings
–  One longer sit down meeting to discuss all your wedding details. We offer professional guidance for your DIY planning and think of potential hang-ups before they can slow us down on your wedding day. This expert guidance is something not all wedding coordinators offer, or it’s often part of a “premium” package. Prickly Pear Events gives you logistical planning help as part of the standard wedding coordination service. – Recommended 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding.

–  One shorter sit down meeting to finalize the details and run through the game plan one last time – Recommended 2 weeks before the wedding.

Venue Layout and Logistical Planning
We visit the venue(s) to sort out the layout and make a floor plan. We coordinate exactly where you, your wedding party, vendors, and all your unique decor and features will go. We ask the venue staff questions you may have missed and put the finishing touches on your DIY planning. Our list will be full of things that must be done exactly right, at exactly the right moment. We take care of everything. – Venue visits recommended with the first planning meeting 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding.

Vendor Coordination
We contact your vendors the week of the wedding to be absolutely sure we’re on the same page about arrival times and order expectations. We establish a relationship with your vendors so they know to look for us rather than call you up while you’re enjoying your wedding day. We check that your orders come in just right on the wedding day. We act as stage manager to cue all of your vendors, including the DJ, photographers, and caterers to run a well-oiled wedding. Our goal is to make your vendors’ life easy, so they can focus on what you hired them to do (and they love us for it!)  – Vendor confirmations typically take place one week before your wedding

Rehearsal Coordination
We work with your officiant to lead your rehearsal and make sure you and your wedding party know their cue to walk in, where to stand, and what to do. This may sound simple, but you’d be surprised how different each wedding is! – Recommended one day before your wedding.

Day-of Wedding Coordination
We offer “all day” support which is virtually unheard of in the wedding industry. Most vendors offer 8, 6, or even just 4 hours of support on your wedding day. We will arrive when you need us and stay until pack up is complete. Your job on your wedding day is to laugh, cry, and get married! Leave everything else to us. We coordinate all of your resources including vendors, venue staff, and loved ones ready to help. We cue the DJ, remind someone to grab you lunch, and make sure mom is everywhere she’s supposed to be (and that she finds time to have fun too!). We plan for every detail and make snafus and gaffes disappear like magic! Most importantly we give you, your family, and friends time to focus on celebrating your love! – Cecil’s iPhone tells her that at a typical wedding she walks 12 miles. That’s a whole lot of hustlin’ to make your wedding happen!

Set Up and Pack Up
We oversee set up so your vision comes together perfectly, and we gather up your belongings after you’re whisked away at the end of the festivities.

Troubleshooting Snafus
Plan as we might, there will be something… and we’ll be there to make it right.

Peace of Mind
We take care of everything so you, your family, and your friends can enjoy the biggest and best party of your life! Hand over the clipboard chock full of vendor contacts, floor plans, and timelines, so that you and your loved ones can celebrate together!

Add-On Services
We like to keep our services simple, but here are a few extras we offer.

DIY Officiant Coaching
If a loved one is your officiant, we’re here to help them shine. We will help them practice the ceremony and give them constructive feedback on their presentation skills. Our detailed coaching will give them the confidence they need to make your guests laugh, cry, and cheer. This is highly recommended if your officiant is doing this for the first time, if they’re nervous, or if they just want feedback to perfect their delivery. –  Recommended 1-2 weeks before the wedding. 2 hours for $180.

Hourly rate for second ceremony or reception, additional planning meetings, etc.: $90 per hour

Travel Outside the Regular Service Area
The regular service area is Cook, DuPage, and Will counties, and all travel is included in the standard rate package for these counties. For weddings outside the regular service area we may charge a travel fee, and we may require a hotel stay for the wedding night (depending on the travel distance). Once we agree on a travel rate, all associated travel is included and no additional fees will be added after contract signing. Get in touch to discuss the details!

No matter what services you choose, everything will be spelled out in plain language in our contract so there are no surprises.

Need something else not listed above? Is there some detail nagging at you? Let’s discuss your needs to figure out how we can help!

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