Before starting Prickly Pear Events in 2016 I managed hundreds of charity events over eleven years, but my sister’s wedding changed everything. After coordinating her wedding, then a friend’s, I was hooked! My wide range of experience managing parties, fundraisers, conferences, and of course weddings, made me a pro at event logistics. While planning your wedding, my logistician’s crystal ball allows me to see into the future to account for every detail. On your wedding day I’m a magician at transforming those unexpected “oh no!” moments into “wasn’t it funny when…” memories. Beyond my expertise, I bring a cheery disposition to your celebration. You and your guests will be blissfully unaware of the details moving around behind the scenes because I keep a smile on my face and a cool head on my shoulders.

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Prickly Pear Events Business Ethics:

My business plan is simple: I want you to be so happy with my service you’ll rave to your friends (and maybe even in online reviews!). I will always hustle to make you happy and go the extra mile, especially on your wedding day when you should be totally carefree!

I’m thrilled to serve the LGBTQ community! I’m sensitive to diverse cultural and religious practices and careful to consider your unique family dynamics. I want your traditions, your style of loving, and your individuality to shine through on your wedding day. It’s my great pleasure to help you celebrate, your way.

I follow sustainable practices including low paper usage, recycling, and composting in my office, and I can connect you with other vendors who are committed to keeping it green!

A note about the name, Prickly Pear Events:

Cecil is a nature lover from Texas where the prickly pear is the state plant. In cowboy lore, prickly pear cacti are a source of beauty and comfort on long nights out on the range. They make a mighty fine meal if you know how to coax ’em, but they also pack a wallop if you don’t treat ’em right. There could be a metaphor about marriage in there somewhere… The prickly pear is also the only cactus native to Illinois, but you may have to search for a while to find it. It thrives in delicate habitat on sandy beaches, watching the sunrise and sunset over the water, blooming in the light, and weathering every storm. Prickly pears are elusive, but once you find them, they possess enough beauty, heart, and charm… to last a lifetime.

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